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Honorverse Style Ships in Starfield

For anyone who might want to have a side're welcome here!
Honorverse Style Ships in Starfield
Post by SalamanderT   » Tue Aug 29, 2023 8:26 am


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I'm going to take an educated guess that fans of the Honorverse are going to be interested in Starfield...

Early access for Starfield begins in a few days, and I'm really excited to pilot some Honorverse-inspired Battle Cruisers, Dreadnoughts, or even Super Dreadnoughts.

Where could I get some information, tech specs, or potential models to try and replicate some Manticoran ships in Starfield?
Re: Honorverse Style Ships in Starfield
Post by Joat42   » Tue Aug 29, 2023 9:17 am


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There's some publications containing info about the ships. You can check out Jayne's Intelligence Review.

There are copies available on Amazon for example, but there are other places where they can be found.

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Re: Honorverse Style Ships in Starfield
Post by selden   » Fri Sep 01, 2023 10:34 am


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Way back in 2011, Ensign Re-read and I collaborated on some Addons for Celestia, one of which included a simplistic model of a Nike-class battleship. I could provide a copy of the original Anim8or model file if that's of interest. I should be able to export it to .OBJ format if necessary.

Celestia is a free 3D astronomical visualization program. See

Anim8or is a free 3D graphics design and animation program for Windows. See

The Celestia Addons illustrating some of David's books are available at ... index.html

The models in the Addons are in Celestia's proprietary CMOD format, so not of much use in other software. The battleship is included in the Manticore Addon.

The thumbnail below links to a much larger screengrab of Anim8or, showing the Nike model.

Re: Honorverse Style Ships in Starfield
Post by Dilandu   » Sun Sep 17, 2023 6:53 am


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Hint: the best design for Starfield spacecraft is a large skeleton frame with all modules on periphery and big empty space in center.

The reason - game opponent's AI is always targeting the center of player's ship. So if the center of the ship is empty, the majority of enemy fire would just fly through, without damaging anything.

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