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Let him (David) "Live long, and prosper"

For anyone who might want to have a side're welcome here!
Let him (David) "Live long, and prosper"
Post by Mycall4me   » Sat Jan 13, 2024 9:21 pm


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So I just now read the afterward from Toll of Honor. The e arc is out! Hooray! In it David let's us know that Toll of Honoe is just one of many(?) books he intends to write filling in gaps and telling of backstories in and amongst the main line books. This is both good and bad news. Good because we get these yummy delicious bites of goodness. Bad because David already has LOTS AND LOTS of other projects and commitments and I for one have been looking forward to the new main line story arc about the Alignment vs the Alliance. And, let's face it, David is no spring chicken. And also it takes TIME to get all of those words on a page. Please join me in wishing David a LONG and healthy life and that he will use it to answer all of the many, many, many things we want to know about Safehold (and the Gbaba), the Fury universe, the War God universe, the Multiverse, MAN, the list goes on and on!
Re: Let him (David) "Live long, and prosper"
Post by Daryl   » Mon Jan 15, 2024 3:19 am

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No disagreement from me, or I imagine any others on here. He should take better care of himself. A writer tends to be physically inactive, and that doesn't help.
I could present myself as a case. Seven odd years ago, late 60s, severe leukeamia, scarecely able to walk due to bone on bone knee, and 60 kgs overweight.
The threefold chemo wasn't great, the leukeamia almost got me. Since then a gastric sleeve means 60 kgs less, a titanium knee restores mobility, and I'm finally getting past the chemo effects. A day ago I noticed that my white beard has reverted to salt and pepper.
Long winded way to say that sometimes you have to prioritise yourself. Being a similar age I trust he wouldn't be offended by my suggestion to get his health on track.

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